If all had gone according to plan, by now, you’d have access to the first episode of Vol. 2 of The Riftwalkers, the first season complete and available in a printed omnibus. I have plans for something like 20, maybe 25 Riftwalkers episodes–that’s four or five seasons/volumes–full of surprises and mysteries and revelations and new characters and all that good story stuff human beings instinctually crave.

But my plans were no match for the remarkable number of problems my body can conjure.

I’m sorry that I have no news on exactly when episode two, The Riftwalkers and the Screaming Earth, will arrive. Nor episode three, the title of which I shall now reveal for the first time:

The Riftwalkers and the Butterfly’s Dream

(I can’t give you four and five yet. Five in particular is a bit of a spoiler about the direction in which the first season is headed.)

The point of all this is I’m still here. I still want to write. I still have every intention of telling this story–it’s something of a culmination I’ve been waiting a long time to tell–and loads of other stories patiently waiting their turn, too.

But something in my brain kinda broke when this health crisis snowballed, and I can’t seem to summon fiction out of my brain or my fingers just now. Things are too jumbled, too random and chaotic.

I believe with all my heart that that skill will return.

For now, I have to focus on getting better. Please don’t forget about me. Look me up on social media, follow my author page on Amazon, find me on other stuff and subscribe to all the things… You know what to do.

I’m still here, and I have a lot of hills yet to climb. But God still has plans for me. I know it.

Whether it’s telling these stories I’m so desperate to tell, or something else… I’m still here, God. I’m waiting and willing. Use this broken shell and the crazy creative being trapped inside it however You will, according to Your plans, not mine.


Stay tuned.