I’m Writing for Medium

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As part of my never-ending need to stay relevant and boost my exposure as a writer, I have joined Medium.com and am posting original articles there, along with variant versions of articles I’ve posted here.

I’m altering the ones I’m importing from here to better suit Medium’s audience. These will usually have different and more SEO friendly titles than how they’re branded here, and include a little bit different content. (Don’t worry, Mom. I’m not removing any Christian elements! Medium is very inclusive and interested in every point of view.)

I’m going to work on various “series” of articles, one of them being an examination of subcultures. This is a topic that’s always fascinated me, and I’m looking forward to exploring a wide variety of subcultures in detail to figure out why they exist, what draws people to them, and their members’ customs and slang.

Medium’s business model is different than anything I’ve ever seen or worked for before. Instead of incessant ads bursting at the seams of whatever it is you’re reading, Medium sells no ads at all. It has a clean interface that focuses purely on giving you interesting and insightful new things to read. For $5 a month, you can get unlimited access to Medium’s entire vast library of content. (I’ve subscribed and so far found it totally worth it. There’s a ton of fascinating stuff in there.) Think of it like Netflix for reading new and fascinating things.

Writers are paid when readers read their articles — and more if they take the time to read all the way through the whole thing. It’s not about clicks. It’s about quality. This model allows Medium to ensure that readers are genuinely engaged in what you’ve written and aren’t just “skimming” or clicking as a favor to a friend.

If you’re so inclined, and want to see me continue to produce content — and more importantly to you, my dear reader, new books — subscribing to Medium (your $5 a month I promise it really is worth it) and following me there is a great way of helping out.

Thanks, everyone.